Sunday, November 1, 2009

¡Feliz Dia de los Muertos!

I didn't make a Halloween post, 'cause I didn't have much to post. We went to a couple of parties, ate lots of candy, and won our last game of the soccer season! But I've had a Dia de los Muertos post planned for a week, if only because of the themed project we had in my Drawing 1 class. I did some research and really took to the style of Jose Guadalupe Posada.

Now, despite my family heritage, Dia de los Muertos was never a holiday we celebrated. But it's one celebrated in my New Mexico home, and so in honour of today, I'm presenting my art work for the first time here at The Daily Pugle.

I know Dia de los Muertos art is traditionally more colourful, but I didn't have as much time for this project, and after the colouring nightmare that was my midterm--which I'll show here eventually--I decided to go straight-up charcoal, which I've grown sort of fond of.

I also went with some Posada images, reproducing them over an Alamo backround--one of my favorite places. The generic banner over the doors was a last minute addition when I started running out of time, and I'm not too happy with it. In general though, I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. My teacher seemed to be, as well, 'cause he put it up in the annual Dia de los Muertos show!


Mr. Wales said...

Good to see your visual expression. I hope you continue to post your art!

Ben Villarreal said...

I plan to. I just needed a nudge--or in the case of my wife, a shove ;-)


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